Redesign UI/UX Study Case Jenius

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Hello, my name is Doris together with Windy and Wisnu. We create a team to attended UX/UI Contest Jenius app. Jenius is a banking app, introducing itself to the market as “banking reinvented” tagline means everything is created and done through an app for millennials generation.

At first, we did some research to find and define problems. Of course, before that, we had some secondary research to confirm our hypothesis which we found out the main issue was loading time. So, what we did in the next step was asking 13 respondents. Respondents are people who have used Jenius apps between 20–40 years old in urban areas. We found some problems from the research results and after we classified them, yet we still found loading time was the main problem on a dashboard page, along the way we also found a new insight that our respondents mostly use hamburger menu rather than the dashboard page because it is quite confusing.

Here’s the way we define our persona. Selvi is her name, she is our persona who represents our respondents as a young female millennial generation between 24–35 years old.


After we define persona, we move forward by creating a Customer Journey Map to know her journey while she wants to achieve her goals. We have spelled out each execution activity to find out some pain points and opportunities through each stage.

Customer Journey Map

With the problem findings that we collect from the users, we decide to make the app dashboard more simple by adding the five daily essentials transactions that frequently use on the menu bar. To make the cashflow more aligned with goals, we add an expense bar that can be paired with an m-card. We also create a “reward & mission“ activity to get users more familiar with each and every feature that Jenius originally have on the app.


Wireframe Jenius App

Prototype 1


Result of our usability testing from our 1st prototype:

  • The dashboard is more simple/ efficient, Require less learning time, making the banking activities much less stress
  • The menu bar is much more helpful, easier to do daily banking transactions.
  • Some respondents are doubtful whether it is useful or not, some feel need to change the visual display on the mission bar
  • On Budgeting Bar, some respondents felt confused and felt the feature was not helpful while some respondents find it feel delightful with this feature to control their budgeting

Prototype 2


After getting a few comments on the mission bar on the first testing, and the card center section:

We made a few changes again:

  • Mission banner
    We decided to make the dashboard to look cleaner and fewer e-commerce feels, by changing the mission banner position and make it visually look like the rest of the dashboard button.
  • Expense bar on the card center
    We create an option for the user to hide the details menu on the expense bar feature and have one card visually shown on the dashboard.

Overall our respondents find it easier to use after becoming fluent with the new menu bar on dashboard, they love mission bar to help their awareness with Jenius promotion and the budgeting bar is helpful and help them to be aware of their spending with detailed spending transactions.

We learn to research and validate are part of the design process, and so we need to test, empathize, and test again.

Additionally, we relearned that customers love to tell about themselves — their struggles, achievements, and hopes.



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